Hands-On Strategy Design: Introducing Fathm’s New Labs

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At Fathm, when we work with our clients around the world, we walk them through a tried and tested process that we created to:

  • Surface and redefine opportunities and challenges
  • Design and test creative solutions
  • Build consensus around implementing new initiatives and approaches

Today, we’re launching Fathm Labs – a new opportunity for you to design creative and practical strategies for your organization to capitalize on new opportunities and address new challenges. 

What is a Lab?

A Lab is a five-module workshop that is a hands-on, facilitated strategy design sprint that is topic-based. Anyone can sign up for a Lab, and in the modules you’ll be working alongside peers from other organizations. You’ll be guided by subject matter experts through a series of strategy design exercises, where the goal is to gain a deep understanding of all the considerations for addressing a given topic within your company.

Labs are not traditional training workshops. For example in our AI Lab, facilitated by Laurens Vreekamp, the goal is not to teach you what AI is but instead to help you design a practical strategy for how your organisation can take advantage of AI. You’ll come away from a Fathm Lab with both a plan for how to address a certain strategic area within your organisation, and a framework for how to design strategies for other areas.

Who is this for?

Labs are for anyone who is responsible for delivering strategy suggestions, or anyone who wants to be guided through the process of  designing effective strategies for certain topics. If you’re a journalist or work in a news organization, we offer a registration discount – find Labs pricing on the pages linked below.

What Labs are available?

We’re launching with two Labs, which will happen starting in September:

AI Strategy Lab >> for newsroom leaders tasked with defining and implementing an AI strategy for their organization, led by Laurens Vreekamp.

Revenue Development Lab >> for business development leaders tasked with designing and implementing new revenue initiatives, led by Corinne Podger.

Over the coming months, we’ll be expanding our Labs to include new topics, covering editorial products, leadership and operations challenges, and new technologies. Interested in joining one of our Labs? Get in touch here.

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