New Resource: Solutions Journalism Network Impact Tracking Guide

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a new resource for newsrooms: introducing the Impact Tracking Guide, developed with our partners at Solutions Journalism Network. 

We believe that journalism makes a difference – but it can often be hard to measure and understand what difference our work makes. Beyond clicks, shares and time-on-page, does our reporting help inform people; does it move them to action; does it change their behaviour? Does the solutions approach to reporting lead to different outcomes than traditional reporting?

These are notoriously difficult things to measure, but our guide provides a simple framework for developing an impact tracking plan and running research (in the form of surveys and focus groups) that can help your teams answer these crucial questions. 

You can download and read the guide here, and you can access the associated impact worksheet here.
If you’d like to talk to Fathm about impact measurement in your newsroom, please contact us for a chat