If you need to outsource project work or need additional capacity to get something started, then we can provide you with the experts and expertise to help.

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We work with you to provide the resources, know-how and connections to run your projects, initiatives and events. We can scale up quickly to meet your needs, no matter the size, location or duration of the work.

Fergus Bell

Fergus Bell

Fathm’s Agency Services Include:

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Reports – Design and editing of your own content, or production of original content. We help you tell your story and engage your audience through impact reports, white papers, training guides and more.

Infodemic ResponseCreating effective storytelling and visual content optimised for trust for fact-based communications.

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Direct PublishingSupport to understand and adopt technologies, platforms and processes to utilise messaging platforms and chat apps to create direct communication with your audience, without algorithmic influence or the risk of interception by bad actors.

ProductionCreating high quality, stand-out content with an emphasis on impactful communication and connection.

Featured Agency Services

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Reports: Showcase your initiative with a comprehensive report highlighting activities, key stakeholders and impact. We provide detailed, edited, professionally produced reports and guides that provide lasting documentation of your project.

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Infodemic Response: We can provide you with a strategic, targeted approach to combating the challenges of communicating with your audiences in an environment where information overload is all too real and where mis and disinformation are all too common. With our help, cut through the clutter to deliver on-message, impactful communications that are optimised for trust.

Case Study: Telling effective visual stories for fact-based health communications

Throughout 2021 Fathm worked on Viral Facts Africa, a collaborative project on in partnership with the World Health Organisation Regional Office for Africa. The project saw Fathm develop and establish a regional collaboration dedicated to creating engaging and shareable fact checks, debunks and explainers to tackle misinformation and address identified information gaps. Between March and September 2021, Viral Facts Africa videos were viewed over 170M times, and research showed that audiences who viewed Viral Facts Africa content were better informed on vaccine importance, safety, efficacy and side effects.

Direct Publishing: take back control of your content, brand and data

Much more than a text, more personal than a newsletter and way more control over data than social media – ​​Direct Publishing is here and it is going to be a big deal for journalism!

Publishers and news organisations have an opportunity to embrace a new technology that; works on almost every device using chat apps or texting apps; creates an entirely new type of storytelling that is a great audience experience; takes service journalism to a different level; puts our industry back in the driving seat.

Watch Fathm’s IJF22 session for a crash course in the opportunities direct publishing offers for storytelling, new revenue streams and audience engagement and walk away knowing how to get started.

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