Gary Rogers

Senior Newsroom Strategy Consultant

Illustration of Gary Rogers

Gary Rogers has worked in the news industry as a journalist, editorial manager, consultant and AI start-up entrepreneur. He began his career in print as news reporter and sub editor. He worked in broadcast news as a producer and programme editor at the BBC before moving to ITN as editor of Channel Five News.

His consultancy and advisory work has focused on setting up news services and re-organising the workflows of well-established operations.

He has worked with newsrooms in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia to help them operate more effectively and efficiently.

In 2017, he became interested in the growth of data journalism and the potential for the use of AI in the newsroom. He co-founded an AI-driven start-up RADAR AI, which combines journalism and automation tools to deliver local news content at scale. The business is now operated by UK national news agency PA Media in the UK.

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