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About this lab

Determine which opportunities AI and machine learning offer and which dangers they present; to media and journalism in general, and more specifically to your organisation and different teams: editorial, product, marketing, publishing and distribution.

Who it’s for

Middle to senior editorial newsroom managers who need to identify and implement an AI strategy.

Examples of who might benefit from attending include:

Head of Digital, Managing Editor, Data Strategist, Automation Editor, Digital Editor, Head of Innovation, Growth Manager, Communications Director, Audience and Content Director, Head of Content Strategy, Content Strategists, Product Managers, Newsroom Tool Managers, Head of Visuals.



Concepts of AI and ML strategy

A high level overview and understanding of the basic concepts of AI & ML to ensure you have a grasp of the current state of applied AI in journalism and what this means from a strategic, editorial perspective. You’ll also start training your first model.


Context mapping

Develop a more nuanced opinion on data, technology, humans: dangers & benefits regarding AI & ML. Begin mapping relevant opportunities & needs for (executing) your future strategy.


Strategic AI services application

Assess existing AI-powered services and tools for newsrooms content creation, news gathering, management distribution and begin to experiment with these tools whilst formulating a working definition and methodology for your own newsroom.


Prototyping your proof of concept (technical capabilities and opportunities)

Power up your strategy; you’ll be prototyping a proof-of-concept (POC) that communicates how Editorial AI could be applied to/ within your organisation.


Test and iterate – build a campaign or initiative

Combined with an improved POC, you’ll present a finalised strategy with an action plan & roadmap. At this point you’ll be good to go to embark on your adventure for AI adoption in the newsroom.

Benefits of taking part

Improved understanding of key considerations for designing and implementing AI initiatives

Ability to identify organisational opportunities where implementing machine learning adds value

Ability to identify and understand what ‘the right data’ means and how to obtain it

Awareness of technology, infrastructure and product needs for the newsroom

Able to talk with authority about AI in the newsroom including caveats, benefits and uses

Identify support for others in the newsroom to understand and incorporate AI

Understanding bias and what algorithmic accountability implies

Takeaways for your organisation

Identify & prioritise suitable newsroom projects/themes for potential AI implementation

Plan/methodology to implement AI

Setting goals, AI problem-frame & accountability, articulation of Editorial Impact Indicators

Revised newsroom structure and workflows to be AI ready to meet business goals

Early stage mock-up/prototype as proof-of-concept

Newsroom briefing document (using template created through the sessions)

Outline for follow-up editorial training programme


Pre-Lab preparation

1-3 hours

5 group sessions

1 hour 30 minutes each

Self-guided tasks, reading, and research between group sessions

1-3 hours

Equipment needed

Laptop or desktop computer with camera, speakers and microphone

Internet connection

Ability to run Zoom and Miro

Language: English


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