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Our Fathm Studio team are experts at working with you to create dynamic and captivating visual content that is optimised for social media and relatable to your target audience

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François de Montremy
Creative Lead & Head of Studio, Fathm

About Fathm Studio

Fathm Studio provides bespoke content production services. With our tried and tested content production methodology, we create accessible, bespoke video and image content that audiences can rely on. We use our expertise to create responsive, engaging and dynamic content, optimised for social, to reach your audience and share your messages. This enables you to be dynamic and responsive as communication needs arise. We turn information and data into audience knowledge and action.

Fathm Studio In Action

Our approach

  • Empowering: inspiring action by bringing the voices of fact-based journalism and storytelling to social-media worlds
  • Factual: embedding fact-checking at the heart of what we do to ensure content is accurate and trustworthy.
  • Bespoke: meeting your communication needs in an ecosystem where content and format are evolving.
  • Accessible: using a simple to understand conversational tone that engages audiences.


What is Fathm Studio and who is behind it? Fathm launched its Studio in 2022 to offer creative services and digital production support to digital content publishers.  We offer our visual expertise through creative consultancy. We explore and experiment with new design approaches alongside your team and give you the tools you need to creatively facilitate content production.

What is the motivation for Fathm Studio? The social media landscape is increasingly competitive. It’s becoming harder to find the right platform to invest in, to start a new social-first editorial project, or to maintain a long term social presence. Fathm Studio assists you and your team from design to production, and gives you the right tools and templates to make sure you can deliver impactful content to your audience on the right platform. 

Who provides the creative direction? You are always in control. We are here to understand your teams and work with you to make your job easier.

Example use case: Let’s say you have a well established media brand and need to produce a lot of content on TikTok to cover a significant event, such as the Olympics or an election. We align with your in-house style guide and other requirements, and provide you with bespoke and optimised solutions to produce content at scale while remaining relevant to the visual grammar of the social media platform. What is more, we give you the means to do it yourself when a similar event arises in the future.

What are some of Fathm Studio’s achievements so far?

  • We have helped create a very useful video series about Fact Checking to train other journalists. At the core of the production, we provided easy to use Motion Graphics Templates to create the videos.
  • We supported an established global NGO to make an incredibly successful award winning campaign in Asia to tackle Covid-19 misinformation, making use of After Effects and Premiere templates.
  • With our input, the Viral Facts Africa campaign has been able to communicate health facts to audiences in Africa with impactful results including increasing knowledge and awareness of health issues and misinformation. This was achieved by providing a range of inputs include creating a social brand from scratch and producing content.