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We are journalists, we are innovators, we are educators, we are facilitators.

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What its like to work at Fathm


We bring our experiences from newsrooms to benefit all of our clients and their audiences. We support teams and organisations within the news, media and communication industries, and those working close to them, to build creative and sustainable solutions to opportunities and challenges.

Our diverse toolkit of capabilities includes change management, business strategy, human-centred design, training strategy and learning, and process and system design and facilitation.


A sustainable global media ecosystem built on access to trustworthy and accurate information.


Sparking creativity, facilitating impactful innovation, and driving sustainable change in journalism and communications.

With decades of experience in newsrooms across the globe, we bring deep understanding and expertise in transforming operations and workflows, distributed working, tackling misinformation, large-scale collaborations, and newsgathering best practices.

Through our design and facilitation expertise and processes we support your development of engaging, interactive and trustworthy journalism and communications. We partner with you to pinpoint the most dynamic and efficient solutions for organisational growth and meaningful transformation.


Fathm is a news lab, agency, consultancy, founded in 2019 by Fergus Bell and Tom Trewinnard. Since launch, Fathm has supported clients from across the globe to improve their newsroom processes and efficiency, make use of emerging technologies, and tackle the ever increasing problems of mis and disinformation in order to provide trust-worthy sources of news that place the audience at the centre of their operations.



Guided by the principles of honesty, fairness, and trust, we provide a professional and reliable service to all our clients that enables them to benefit from our expertise and experience.


We strive to make a meaningful and sustainable difference and to add value to our clients whilst minimising our impact on the environment.


We work alongside our clients stepping into their shoes to develop understanding, identify challenges, create solutions, and implement change for the better.


Climate Positive Workforce graphic

We are working with Ecologi to ensure we offset at least as much carbon as we use. We recognise this is only a small part of the solution and have further committed to identifying and reducing our carbon footprint. You can find out more in our Environmental Policy.

We believe that the choices we make about who supplies us with goods and services are an important part of taking positive action against climate change. We’re introducing a Supplier Code of Conduct to help us better understand our suppliers and make more informed decisions.


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